No More Power Struggles

Using Positive Parenting and the Power of Connection to Help Your Child Thrive

Course Summary

Exhausted from endless threats, time-outs, or punishments? Invite peace into your family with this science-backed parenting program that empowers you to calm the chaos and bask in connection.

No More Power Struggles will move you from feeling frustrated and exhausted from using time-outs, threats and punishments to feeling empowered by concrete strategies that enable you to calmly manage parenting challenges and invite peace into your family. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside each module.

Course Curriculum

Live Support

This course includes access to live Q&A sessions with Dr. Tamara where you can get your questions answered no matter what stage of the course you are at. This is the FINAL time that live support will be provided for this course. There are 6 weekly 30- minute Q&A sessions in which you can ask any question (even anonymously!). Not to worry if you can't attend the lives! You can email the question in advance and it will be answered. All participants receive a replay link.

Tamara Soles


Hi, I’m Dr. Tamara Soles

I’m excited to guide you for the next 6 weeks and see your family get the results I know are possible with this course.

As a child psychologist with over 15 years experience, I’ve helped thousands of families transform their lives and create the relationship with their child they’ve always imagined. I have seen the strategies I teach be life-changing for families from all walks of life.

Most importantly, I am Mom to twins- Evangeline and Sawyer (shout out to my fellow twin moms, if you’re not too bleary-eyed to read this!). My children provide everyday opportunities to practice what I teach and to humbly repair when I too, fail. My children know that they have Tamara as a mom- a mom who gratefully has all the effective strategies at my disposal but who must also continue to do the work on myself to show up for my kids in the way I know works.

I know that this course will transform your relationship with your child. I can’t wait to personally welcome you into No More Power Struggles. Join me today!


Mother of 3

"Investing in the No More Power Struggles course has been the best parenting investment I have made! It gave me real tools to use in situations with my children, ways to make sure I was approaching these situations with the best of myself, having my partner and I on the same page, real strategies to avoid the power struggles altogether and brain-based research presented in bite-sized ways that made all my previous reading and research more tangible."

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